Our Journey to Date:
New Companies, New Markets


Blue Aqua International opened its doors in Singapore, founded by Dr Farshad Shishechian and Ms Amornrat Boonchuay. The business started with manufacturing and distributing specialty aquaculture products and services to farmers in India

We also launched our office in Thailand to better support our customers in the region


Blue Aqua expanded into Indonesia and Vietnam with exclusive distributor partnerships for sales of Blue Aqua’s farm care products


Blue Aqua International (USA) Inc. opened doors and Blue Aqua expanded into Brazil and Ecuador

We received PCT patents for our MixotrophicTM system in 144 countries. This innovative technology enables the management of super-intensive and intensive aquaculture systems


Blue Aqua Biotech launched to offer innovative solutions for animal nutrition


Blue Aqua received national patents for our MixotrophicTM system in 7 major aquaculture countries


Blue Aqua Breeding Centre started with a shrimp broodstock grow-out facility in Singapore. Over time, this was converted into a super-intensive, zero-waste, and water exchange indoor shrimp farm


This was a big year for Blue Aqua. Blue Aqua Viva Blue was launched to take on farm construction projects with turnkey services in Singapore, Oman, and Qatar. We began to provide consultancy services for farm operations and skills training through Blue Aqua Farming and Consultancy. We also introduced our sustainable retail brand, nature’s hug, which supplies locally produced fish and shrimp to restaurants and grocery chains island-wide

Asmak Quriyat launched as a JV to develop super-intensive shrimp farms in Oman. Blue Aqua International UK launched as a JV to develop a super-intensive shrimp farm in the UK


Doctor Shrimp, our non-profit organisation, was launched to become a one-stop solution provider for the shrimp industry. It includes a disease diagnostic laboratory and a training school for super-intensive shrimp farming. It was incorporated as a subsidiary in India


Blue Aqua Food Tech was launched to develop alternative protein for fishmeal replacement. We also started the Asian Aquaculture Academy to provide further training and upskilling in aquaculture


Development of a rainbow trout smart farm in Singapore, along with a feedmill for high-quality, sustainable aquafeeds for local and regional markets.

Our Team

Blue Aqua was founded in 2009 by Dr Farshad Shishehchian and Ms Amornrat Boonchuay as a way of materialising their shared passion in aquaculture by introducing practical aquaculture solutions for farmers around the world. The company has grown into a group with holistic experience and deep expertise in aquaculture operations and technology for a sustainable future.

Our Team

We are Reliable

We provide aquaculture solutions that consistently work because they are high quality and supported by robust R&D. Farmers rely on us to address their specific needs and problems.

We Seek and Share Knowledge

We provide guidance for successful farming through our holistic —as well as deep —aquaculture knowledge.

We Care

We are farmers ourselves. We care about the quality and safety of our food, farming community, food security, and sustainability of our planet.