Sustain Our Future

The Challenge

Food insecurity is a major challenge humankind faces today and will continue to face tomorrow. By 2050, there will be 9.9 billion people globally. However, 26% of the world population already has moderate to severe levels of food insecurity today.

Building A Circular Economy

Our ambition is to contribute towards global food security with a sustainable, scalable solution: Aquaculture. Blue Aqua seeks innovative ways to deliver nutritional value through our products, especially in the increasingly urbanised world. We are constantly working towards reducing resource dependency and decreasing environmental footprint in our efforts.

Our Promise

Farming is our DNA & we believe in the power of food to change the world

At Blue Aqua, we believe in the symbiosis of the earth and humankind, where food is produced with no discount to the conservation of nature. We strive to harness the necessary optimism and innovation to cultivate a sustainable new world.


We strongly believe that how we grow our food is how we grow our future. Given our global influence, we have an important role to play and made it our goal to champion sustainability efforts across the global food supply chain.


We are committed to innovating towards a brighter future for all. Our approach is rooted in research, entrepreneurship, and community development, and we work closely with our farmers, scientists, and customers to build better solutions that shape the future of food. Change is inevitable, and we are ready to reinvent ourselves to keep pace with the shifting market dynamics and customers’ evolving needs.

From Farmer to Farmer

We recognise that sustaining our future means more than building productive aquaculture farms. It means hiring passionate people, investing in our shared future, and championing and celebrating farmers.


We recognise the need to collaborate to positively change our future. That is why we built our knowledge platform, Doctor Shrimp. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and practical learning opportunities to build a team of futurists to grow the industry, whether they choose a career with Blue Aqua or beyond. Only by joining hands can we create significant change and effectively protect our future.

This is our promise.
Join us in sustaining our future.

Our Business Ecosystem

Blue Aqua is building and enhancing a sustainable aquaculture ecosystem that is robust and self-sustaining. We own and integrate every step of the ecosystem, from feed production to food for consumers. By overseeing each step of the value chain, we promote full transparency and traceability in our process.

Blue Aqua’s

We are developing alternative protein — insect-based and single cell proteins — to be the foundation for best-in-class fishmeal replacement

We have invested over a decade into our unique formulation knowledge for high quality feed production

We provide a wide range of products across water quality, nutrition, and disease management, which have benefited over 4,000 farmers worldwide

We own and operate 5 farms and develop leading farming technology. Our patented innovation, MixotrophicTM system, has national patents in 7 countries and PCT patents in 144 countries

We promise quality, sustainability, and traceability in our fish and shrimp, which are supplied to local restaurants and grocery stores

When we say “Sustain our future,” we mean it in every aspect of our operations. Across our ecosystem, we have embedded environment-conscious practices — in our production methods, solar panels on our farm, food waste converted to alternative protein, and Blockchain-powered traceability. We will soon roll-out consultancy services in green production capabilities for other farms.

We believe it is our responsibility to minimise our own environmental footprint