Commitment to Innovation

Change is inevitable, and we are ready to reinvent ourselves to keep pace with the shifting market dynamics and customers’ evolving needs.

Blue Aqua is committed to innovating towards a brighter future for all. We:
Ground every innovation in robust research
Encourage entrepreneurship to push our boundaries
Scale our efforts through community development


MixotrophicTM System
Our Mixotrophic
TM system creates the optimal environment for super-intensive and intensive aquaculture systems by managing pond bottom and ensuring high water quality. We have received national patents in 8 countries.

The Multi-species, super-intensive, zero-waste, green RAS is a complementary hardware to the MixotrophicTM System for a cost and energy efficient super intensive farming. The System has been PCT Patented in 2021.

Research and Development

We are constantly inventing new solutions to improve the future of aquaculture. Our current research and development initiatives include, super-intensive aquafeed development, AI-enabled farm tech solutions and research on waste stream valorisation for sustainable farming.

Technology Partners

Institutions we partner with