A patented methodology for super-intensive farming

Ideal aquatic environment and healthy farmed species require good water quality and pond bottom management by proliferating natural microorganisms. To achieve this, Blue Aqua invented the MixotrophicTM system to overcome environmental resistance and achieve full biological potential in aquaculture. Ultimately, the system ensures an optimal environment for super-intensive and intensive aquaculture farming.

What It Does: Overcome environmental resistance and increase carrying capacity

How: Protocols and product applications to achieve an optimal environment by proliferating natureal organisms in the culture system.

Increase Carrying Capacity


The MixotrophicTM system has been patented under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 144 countries from 2013 and is nationally patented in 8 countries (International Publication Number: WO 2013/191642 A1).

8 National Patents

Currently implemented in farms across Southeast Asia, and South Asia, USA and South America.

Major Benefits of the System Include:

  • Decrease FCR
  • Reduce disease outbreak
  • Improve water quality
  • Increase yield and growth rate
  • Improve survival rate

A good understanding of the science behind fish and shrimp culture is essential to improve on the current methods of farming while working towards sustainable aquaculture.