Introducing MinGro+: Less Application, More Performance

Blue Aqua launched the second generation of its first ever Mineral product for aquaculture water balance – MinGro.

Blue Aqua launches the second generation of its first ever Mineral product for aquaculture water balance – MinGro. First sold in India in 2010, MinGro became a household name amongst Indian shrimp farmers for being one of the first bioavailable mineral products that effectively managed their pond water quality to substantially improve productivity. To date, the company has manufactured more than 25,000 tons of MinGro being supplied to shrimp farmers across Asia.

MinGro+: A Superior Mineral Supplement and Environmental Modulator

MinGro+ is specially developed to provide bioavailable forms of essential minerals and ions into pond water for shrimp to absorb directly from the water across gills and other membranes. Important nutrients in MinGro+ help to promote the growth of beneficial organisms in ponds such as plankton and benthos.

  • 20% lower application rate
  • Higher bioavailable mineral content
  • Can be used as a feed additive to improve mineral deficiency in aquatic animals
  • Increase bioavailable mineral contents in the pond ecosystem
  • Improve the osmoregulation process in cultured organisms
  • Increase the production of natural live food organisms 
  • Minimize pH fluctuation through natural productivity management


MinGro+ Grand Launch in India

The grand launch was held in Amalapuram, Palakollu, and Bhimavaram, India. Jointly organised with our distributor RDL Group in September 2022.

“The event was a grand success, after the hiatus in the market, we are more than glad to meet with our loyal customers in India in person again. MinGro+ was developed not only based on Blue Aqua’s years of expertise in shrimp ecology, but also with the valuable feedback from all of the shrimp farmers we work with.” – Dr. Farshad Shishehchian, CEO & Founder, Blue Aqua International Group.

We recognise that sustaining our future means more than building productive aquaculture farms. It means hiring passionate people, investing in our shared future, and championing and celebrating farmers.

MinGro+ is the first out of a new range of products to be rolled out in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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