Blue Aqua launches Doctor Shrimp™ to support the global shrimp farming industry

Blue Aqua International launched the Doctor Shrimp Academy and Clinic on the 8th of April, 2021 to provide ractical skills training and shrimp


Blue Aqua International Launches Doctor ShrimpTM to Support the Global
Shrimp Farming Industry with Skills Training and Shrimp Diagnostic Services

Doctor Shrimp – Where Science Meets Art”

Singapore, 13 April 2021: Blue Aqua International launched the Doctor Shrimp Academy and Clinic on the 8th of April, 2021 to provide ractical skills training and shrimp diagnostics services for the shrimp farming industry globally.

Blue Aqua International has been at the forefront of super-intensive shrimp farming, with more than 4,000 customers worldwide. The global firm provides cutting-edge solutions for the management of the culture environment, health and the optimization
of animal nutrition. While operating farms in both Singapore and Indonesia, it’s now transferring its expertise in super-intensive shrimp farming worldwide.

Doctor Shrimp is a global platform and clearinghouse for technical and practical knowledge of the five species of shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, Penaeus monodon, Fenneropenaeus indicus, Litopenaeus stylirostris, and Marsupenaeus japonicus.

With ambitions to become a global center of excellence in the industry, Doctor Shrimp will hone in on three focus areas: (1) A technical and tools resource platform for shrimp farming, (2) Education and practical aquaculture skills training, (3) Shrimp disease diagnostic services.

The Doctor Shrimp Academy is specialized in all facets and practical skills transfer with technical courses designed for real-world shrimp farming. Partnering with Temasek Polytechnic, the Academy is rolling out a series of specialized courses with
practicum at Blue Aqua’s commercial shrimp farm in Singapore, which is well known for its super-intensive shrimp production numbers.

“The uncertainties in shrimp farming can now be better mitigated with the support from Blue Aqua’s Doctor Shrimp Academy.” said Dr. Goh Lay Beng, Director of the School of Applied Sciences, Temasek Polytechnic.

The Academy is exclusively for eligible applicants to gain skills transfer and knowledge from experts in the global shrimp farming industry to address the skills and education gap, particularly in markets like Singapore, which rely heavily on foreign talents. International and domain experts in the aquaculture industry will be brought in as mentors to work with students on deepening their knowledge base through case studies

“The Academy is a great combination of knowledge packed learning and rich experience acquisition bundled into one” said Ambassador Teng Theng Dar, Non-resident Ambassador to Oman. “By producing graduates over time, the Academy aims to promote science based and sustainable shrimp farming globally.”

The Doctor Shrimp Clinic & Laboratory in Singapore will serve the needs of shrimp farmers by offering quick and accurate disease diagnostic tests, along with prevention and treatment to assist farmers in their operations.

With Singapore’s strategic location as a hub for Southeast Asia, The Clinic is able to provide the shortest turn-around time to support farmers in the region. In addition to offering laboratory services such as qPCR, microbiology, post-mortem, and water quality testing, leveraging on Doctor Shrimp’s knowledge base – The Clinic will also provide customized and targeted solutions and protocols to improve shrimp health, which ultimately will prevent future infections.

“Our Clinic aims to be a global shrimp reference laboratory to further support farmers around the world in the management of disease and to increase the productivity of their operations.” said Dr Farshad Shishehchian, CEO & President of Blue Aqua International.

The Doctor Shrimp is a holistic platform which offers both knowledge sharing and practical shrimp farming experience. Mr. Wong Lup Lai, CEO of Innovation Partner for Impact (IPI) said at the launch, “The success of this program will certainly put Singapore on the map of global aquaculture and position Singapore as a thought leader in this field”.

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Contact: Nathalie Lim | VP (Marketing), Blue Aqua International Group