Singapore: Smart Rainbow Trout Farm

The Project looks to develop Singapore’s first high-tech fish farm for producing 2,110 tonnes of trout, to cater to local demand for fresh, sustainable, premium fish. The project showcases the proprietary ModulRAS system developed by Assentoft Aqua, a Danish technological partner specialising in sustainable land-based RAS aquaculture technologies.

Singapore has set its sights on a ‘30 by 30’ masterplan to meet 30% of its local food production by 2030. The intended project will incorporate super-intensive technology coupled with AI to help achieve sustainable fish production locally to support Singapore’s food security initiatives, by making available fresh daily harvest of its premium quality trout.

Housed within a space of only 5,000 m2, The project forecasts 635 tonnes of fresh rainbow trout sales in FY23F, 2,073 tonnes from FY24F to FY26F, and 2,111 tonnes in FY2027F at full capacity.

Species Cultured: Rainbow Trout
Status: Contruction