pH and nitrification management for aquaculture pond

Alkalinity management is important to maintain the buffering capacity and nitrification in the culture system. AlkaSet is a mineral containing carbonate and bicarbonate. pH fluctuations due to overbloom of phytoplankton and respiration causes stress on shrimp. To improve this, the buffering capacity of the water should increase. AlkaSet optimises C:N ratio in nitrification by providing suitable carbon sources for nitrifying bacteria.


  • Expedites nitrification
  • Balances nitrogen cycle in the system
  • Improves buffering capacity
  • Buffers water against pH change
  • Acts a replacement for liming materials
  • Performs as an emergency tool to manage alkalinity, in case of pH fluctuation issues


Contains all the relevant main elements in the optimal ratio for buffering alkalinity and pH balance in aquaculture ponds