BetaBac Pro

Highly Concentrated Probiotic for Shrimp Pond

BetaBac Pro combines a specially formulated range of robust, high-performance microorganisms and micronutrients. Developed for use in the biological degradation of animal wastes, metabolic wastes and other organic matter in the water and pond bottom soil even at low oxygen conditions.


  • Improves water and pond soil quality
  • Enhance biological degradation of organic matters
  • Accelerates the rapid start-up of new systems and helps recovery after phytoplankton crash
  • Inhibits and reduces the growth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Creates better soil environment for benthic organisms as live feed for fish and shrimp.
  • Reduces BOD, COD and TSS in water
  • Environmentally safe, natural, and cost effective


Contains minimum of 10 x 10^9 (Billion) CFU/g of facultative anaerobic bacteria.