Water colorant for aquatic pond

Promoting and maintaining a healthy bloom of phytoplankton is difficult during the early culture. FytoShade is a highly concentrated mixture of blue and yellow dye, specially designed to give natural sunshield to aquatic pond. It can be quickly dispersed to provide shade in the pond water to filter out the specific spectrum of light critical to photosynthesis in algae. This reduction in specific spectrum and penetration strength of sunlight will greatly improve the water quality by controlling and inhibiting algae blooms at the pond bottom.


  • Reduces excess bloom of phytoplankton, which causes pH fluctuation in the shrimp pond
  • Reduces stress and improves the shrimp and fish growth
  • Reduces light intensity and prevents benthic algae growth
  • Is environmentally friendly and non-toxic


Consists of mixture of blue and green powder dye