Probiotic for high salinity culture

HaloGro contains a specific combination of high salinity strains of Bacillus spp. which are adapted to perform in extreme environments, covering wide salinity, temperature and pH ranges. The prophylactic use of HaloGro benefits the control of pathogenic bacteria that load in the culture system, especially high salinity tolerant Vibrio parahaemolyticus or V. harveyi that usually present when phytoplankton die-off, and at high stocking density.


  • Improves water quality by effectively degrade organic matters
  • Prevents production of toxic gaseous such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide
  • Suppresses proliferation of pathogenic bacteria in ponds
  • Environmentally friendly while maintaining the natural balance of the pond ecosystem


Contains minimum of 1 x 10^9 (Billion) CFU/g of high salinity strains Bacillus spp.