Sigpak* Aqua

A cutting edge protein and nutrients for aquatic animals

SigPak*Aqua is a functional ingredient for fish and shrimp feed. SigPak*Aqua is highly bioavailable and maximizes aquatic animal performance by increasing protein utilization and promoting the body’s non-specific immune system. It contains high level of essential amino acids, fatty acids and low anti-nutritional factors. Containing AlphaGro and ViGuard, it serves an important role in improving feed digestion, immunity and gut functions.


  • Enhances nutrient uptake, digestion and absorption
  • Provides synergistic effect with other animal and vegetable proteins in the diet to promote fast growth and reduce feeding costs
  • Provides high level of essential amino acids, phospholipids and fatty acids (EPA, DHA & ARA)
  • Disease resistance by boosting and helping to maintain a healthy functional non-specific immune system
  • Reduces nutrient waste of the product by providing greater nutrient digestibility
  • Easy to integrate with other feed ingredients


Contains mixture of premium ingredients inclusive of Marine protein, Soy peptide, Marine algae, Methionine and antioxidants.