Natural antibiotic alternative for aquaculture

ViGuard*L is developed as an alternative to the excessive use of antibiotics by using natural, safe ingredients which are friendly to the environment to strengthen the immune system of shrimp and to the food safety of human. It can reduce most of the Vibrio spp. especially Vibrio parahaemolyticus, one of the most aggressive and damaging pathogenic bacteria in shrimp farming.


  • Contains natural antimicrobial compounds
  • Reduces impact from bacterial (co-)infections
  • Reduces toxicity of bacterial pathogens
  • Provides anti-inflammatory effects and efficiently strengthens the non-specific immune system of aquatic animals
  • Improved weight gain, better FCR, and reduced mortality with cost effectiveness
  • Natural and eco-friendly


Contains proprietary mixture of medicinal herbal extracts and Medium Chain Triglycerides