Feeding The World

The Challenge

As the global population grows exponentially, food insecurity is a major challenge humankind faces today and tomorrow. At Blue Aqua, we are committed to playing our role in taking on this challenge, by creating innovative aquaculture solutions to deliver nutritional value in a sustainable manner.

Within the aquaculture industry, an ongoing challenge is aquafeed. Today, common sources of aquafeed are facing concerns around supply and quality. For example:

Aquafeed:Common sources & challenges today

Key Implications

Decline in supply
Concerns with quality
Alternative protein for aquafeed

The Solution

What is Blue Aqua’s solution? Alternative protein.

We are developing and combining insect-based protein and algae to build a strong foundation for fishmeal replacement.

Key benefits of this approach include:

An Important Mission

In our Singapore-based pilot, we are recycling food waste to feed black soldier flies, which are then processed into protein and combined with algae. By combining the two, we build a foundation for fishmeal replacement, to which other nutritions can be added.

This is an important mission for Singapore, where less than 20% of the country’s food waste is recycled today. This bioconversion is a sustainable solution that will revolutionise the food industry of Singapore and the broader world.