Waste Stream Valorisation

The group has been building innovation and systems within the aquaculture supply chain for waste stream valorisation since its inception. The concept of ‘Waste-to-energy’ is applied across our operations to effectively utilise less to produce more.

Food Waste Upcycling into Fishmeal Replacement

Using natural waste reduction techniques and insects to tackle the fishmeal replacement conundrum in the aquaculture industry. The Group’s Foodtech arm is dedicated to creating sustainable protein for fishmeal replacement while being economical, land-efficient and complementary to the nutritional and health requirements of aquatic animals.

Resource and Energy Efficient Farming Systems

Our patented farming systems are equipped with energy efficiencies, green recirculation, and multi-species growing capacities, which enables lower-cost farm operations without compromising yield and productivity.

Clean Energy Utilisation

We collaborate with clean energy technological partners to make our farming practices even more sustainable, through elevated solar panels as part of our farming modules as an energy source for farming equipment. We leverage solar power by storing remaining energy in the network for future usage.

Value Chain Traceability

We own nearly every component of the value chain from alternative protein to feed production, hatchery and grow-out farming systems to sustainable seafood production. Ultimately we create a circular economy by completing our closed-loop aquaculture ecosystem.