We combine the art and science of farming to build a sustainable new world.

Our Impact

At Blue Aqua, we believe in the symbiosis of the earth and humankind, where food is produced with no discount to the conservation of nature. We strive to harness the necessary optimism and innovation to cultivate a sustainable new world.

We oversee the entire aquaculture ecosystem, which ensures transparency and traceability for our customers.

Blue Aqua’s

We are developing alternative protein — insect-based and single cell proteins — to be the foundation for best-in-class fishmeal replacement.

We have invested over a decade into our unique formulation knowledge for high quality feed development.

We provide a wide range of products across water quality, nutrition, and disease management, which have benefited over 4,000 farmers worldwide.

We own and operate farms and develop leading farming technology for deployment. Our patented innovation, MixotrophicTM system, has national patents in 8 countries and PCT patents in 144 countries

We promise quality, sustainability, and traceability in our farmed fish and shrimp.


We prioritise our role in transforming lives one person, one farm, and one community at a time.

Uncover our organisation history since 2009 to the present day.